an exerpt from "The Mindscape of Alan Moore"

"Quitting my day job and starting my life as a writer certainly was a tremendous risk.
It was a fool's leap, a shot in the dark.
But anything of value in our lives- whether it be a career, a work of art, a relationship- will always start with such a leap. And in order to be able to make it, you have to put aside the fear of failing and the desire of succeeding. You have to do these things completely purely without fear, without desire.
Because things that we do without lust or result, are the purest actions that we shall ever undertake."

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What is Zionism?

I have so much to learn. Sure I've picked up a few puzzle pieces in my day, but there is still a lot of empty space to fill in. Today I read about Zionism and learned how it differs from Judaism, and it's existence as a political movement with racist tendencies and a clear goal to "return home" regardless of who gets in the way. Perhaps the most interesting facet for me is the relationship between Israel and the USA; why is there a connection and what is the source of it? Find out here.

I just wanted to add some more...I had a conversation with my neighbour last night, a very provocative one regarding Judaism. And it inspired me to add this note. I recognize that the one site I link to here in my blog is only one of many sources from which to read about Zionism. The internet is full of opinions that are both false and true, and so naturally I do not stop my research here. Like I mentioned before, I consider the quest for information to be similar to piecing together a puzzle...each piece I put into place allows the overall image to emerge and become clearer.... Soon it is possible to see that there are connections between people and events that you never knew were there.

I find this game of playing detective so fascinating! Enjoy your sleuthing!

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