an exerpt from "The Mindscape of Alan Moore"

"Quitting my day job and starting my life as a writer certainly was a tremendous risk.
It was a fool's leap, a shot in the dark.
But anything of value in our lives- whether it be a career, a work of art, a relationship- will always start with such a leap. And in order to be able to make it, you have to put aside the fear of failing and the desire of succeeding. You have to do these things completely purely without fear, without desire.
Because things that we do without lust or result, are the purest actions that we shall ever undertake."

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

so i guess i'm not moving to the moon

i mean WOW.
I almost don't know what to say....
I believe we have all witnessed a miracle.

Throughout my life I have been one of those "too happy" or "too positive" or "too idealistic" people, sometimes to the point of annoying those who don't quite see the world the way I do. I don't wear rose-coloured glasses- I have rose-coloured eyeballs! Basically, I just happen to believe that anything is possible...ANYTHING.
People do change, things do get better, and it all does eventually fall into place.

Barack Obama, and all that he represents, points to the truth of these trite phrases.

Why is it that we forget the truth? Why does the phenomenon of Obama resonate so deeply?

Each time we experience a hurt in our lives that leaves us disheartened and wounded, we instinctively cover up with a thin veil of cynicism. It makes sense, for self-preservation's sake to do this. It hurts to hurt. So let me be numb instead.

But desensitization operates like antibiotics in that they are both blanket "cures". Sure the bad things can no longer touch you, but the good things can't either.

Well, today is a day for shedding the shields.

Today people feel safe enough to allow feelings of hopefulness and appreciation, and dare i say it, love, to rise to the surface again.

This new day is an opportunity for restoring our wonder at how amazing life can be. When you truly believe anything IS possible, you realize it feels so damned good to simply feel again that you wonder what you were ever so afraid of. One by one the layers of armor fall away until one day, you become who you are naturally:

A human who was born to dream, to play, to make friends, to make love and be free.

I am so enjoying this awakening and looking forward to living on the next level with you.

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